Victoria + Anthony

Blackrock Summit Trail Engagement Photos

Despite not really seeing the sun during the engagement session, Victoria and Anthony’s love still was vibrant.

The weather in the mountains where Blackrock Summit Trail is almost always unpredictable. While we ventured into the trails not knowing if it would rain or not, we were in for a treat. The view at the end of the trail didn’t disappoint.

The light was constantly changing. One moment we had a little bit of sunshine trying to come through the clouds only to be shortly followed by a dark misty cloud. This really created some great lighting in the photos.
We scaled the rocks at Blackrock Summit Trail, balanced on them, and sometimes almost fell. But at the end of the day, the radiant love these two have for each other is visually evident.

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love still was vibrant.


His talent and knowledge of photography is second to none and you can really see this passion showcased in his art.