Sierra + Cooper

House Mountain Inn, Virginia

Sometimes the clouds come rolling in, the sky falls, and things don't go according to plan. But that doesn't mean the alternative can't be just as beautiful. 

Take Sierra and Cooper's wedding, for example. They exchanged vows outside with the mountains as their backdrop. The day started with sunshine, blue skies, and big, puffy clouds.

But things changed just after the ceremony. The rain started, and thunder rolled across the mountainous landscape. We ended up having to move some things around, but in the end, everything worked out. And I captured some stunning photos of this head-over-heels in love couple.

Sierra and Cooper met in college through Cooper's cousin - who also happened to be Sierra's sorority sister. 

Cooper proposed on a terrace at their hotel in New Orleans. Sierra says he veered from his original plan, but the proposal was beautiful, spontaneous, and even more intimate (it was just the two of them).
Like many of my couples, Sierra and Cooper found me through The Knot and chose to work with me because they loved my vibrant, bold style. 

I loved being able to capture all of the intimate moments that unfolded at their wedding. The rehearsal dinner where close family and friends gathered. Heartfelt speeches. Cooper cried when he saw Sierra for the first time. The sand union ceremony. The dancing, singing, and everything in between.

Sierra and Cooper - You all are amazing and inspiring in so many ways. Your patience in waiting to have the wedding of your dreams in the midst of a pandemic only proved to be a testament to how much love you all have for each other.

If you like my vibrant, colorful, bold photography style just as much as Sierra and Cooper, please reach out, and I'll be in touch shortly.

But that doesn't mean the alternative can't be just as beautiful. 

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Wes Shinn


House Mountain Inn


Wes is extremely gifted and 100% dedicated to making your event come to life through his photography. I am beyond thankful for his comradery and artistic mastery, and will recommend him to everyone!



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