Leia + Stephane

Williamsburg, Virginia

Leia and Stephane's love story is the kind that makes you believe in fate. 

Leia and Stephane's love story is the kind that makes you believe in fate. 

The two met in college after Stephane's first-choice school sent him his financial aid package late, and Leia's first-choice school sent her her acceptance letter late. As a result, both of them ended up at the second choice - Columbia University. 

Leia says that even though they were both computer science majors, the chances of having classes together were low because Stephane was two years her senior. Basically, he was taking advanced electives while she was just getting started. 

But all of that changed when Stephane decided to take a semester off. Once he got back, the two found themselves in multiple classes together. And although fate was bringing them closer, they wouldn't start dating for a few more years. Leia actually messaged Stephane through Facebook and confessed her college crush on him. Not only was he flattered, but he also admitted to having a crush on Leia all those years ago.
Fast forward to the couple sitting by a World War II memorial fountain. The fountain where they talked for hours on their first date. And the fountain where Stephane proposed to Leia. 

When the couple found me through The Knot, they were looking for a photographer with a vibrant style. They wanted someone who could capture all of their big-day details in dynamic color. The pops of blue. Subdued pinks. And the sky, which turned from a cloud-speckled canvas to a sunset so rich in color, it takes the breath away.

I was honored to be a part of Leia and Stephane's wedding. And to bring them a level of comfort and peace on a day that wasn't quite what they had dreamed of.

Initially, they planned to have their ceremony in the Caribbean, but the pandemic happened. As a result, they decided to have an intimate day that only involved them and their officiant. And me!

No matter the circumstances, the day flowed with love and joy. The couple were adorably in love with each other and couldn't let go of one another the whole wedding.

Leia and Stephane: you two were absolutely amazing to capture, and the sunset perfectly reflected your radiant joy for each other. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day.

But Love is quite powerful

Wes is extremely gifted and 100% dedicated to making your event come to life through his photography. I am beyond thankful for his comradery and artistic mastery, and will recommend him to everyone!



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