1. Confirmation: Winners agree to confirm they have received contact and confirmation they are a winner within 3 days or their giveaway becomes null and void. The next person in line for the giveaway will receive the giveaway automatically.

2. Communication: Communication is key and critical for Wes Shinn Photography & Film. Winners must adhere to the policy for Wes Shinn Photography and FIlm. Communication for all aspect of the giveaways must be in person, over the phone or on a telecommunication call. The only email communication that is allowed is the initial confirmation. All communication thereafter must be over the phone, in person or over telecommunications.

3. Dates: There is no date restriction. Meaning, an engagement session can be scheduled as far as desired. 

4. Obligation: The only obligation is that Wes Shinn Photography and FIlm must be considered for the desired wedding.

5. Photos: All photos will be delivered through my gallery system within two to four weeks after the session. The link for the gallery is infinite.

6. Style: All winners must adhere to the style and approach for Wes Shinn Photography and Film.

7. Travel: All sessions include locations in the state of Virginia, North Carolina and Washington D.C. Locations out of this area will nullify the free engagement session and present per diem/lodging costs.

8. Honor: The couple must be honoring to the services provided in this giveaway. Many couples do not have the ability to have an engagement session. If the couples lose contact and communication, their giveaway award becomes null and void.

9. Can the giveaway be exchanged as discount toward a wedding package? No.

Winners for the giveaway automatically agree to the policy for each giveaway. These policies include:

Wes Shinn Photography & Film Giveaway Policy



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